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The official website for Greg Alexander's recordings & live performance schedule.

The days are getting shorter, did you notice ?
Of course not, but Fall will be over in a month or so.

At any rate, since Winter is coming we'll be moving back indoors.
If you're dipping a toe into the real world, get your booster;
wear a mask every time you want to.
Stay healthy !

Keep the Faith

Updated on Noxember 17, 2022
09:05 JST

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Yes, I continue to work on enhancing this site.

If you happen to spot me online having private conversations or noodling on guitar it's simply me having a test of the streaming system that I don't yet know how to use. Thanks.

Here is a Video of Greg Alexander
performing live at
Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT.

Here is a link to more of
Greg's original music in live performance on
Greg's YouTube channel.

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