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Here are Greg's studio recordings. 
All CDs are available through CDbaby.com, the online store. 



Sky it Shall Be

                        Greg has 11 new songs that tell 11 new stories.
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1. Glad
2. Leaving Time
3. Graduation Day
4. Sky's the Limit
5. I'll Rock the Boat
6. Listening to London
7. I'm still writing this
8. Lullaby
9. Save the Bomb
10.Can't Pass You
11.What's in a Name?

     Produced by Joe Podlesney

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More Greg Alexander CDs



Other Ways
Price: $15   Order 

Sleighbells in My Head 
(original holiday music)
Price: $15   Order

The Good Word
Dream # 1
Other Ways
The Ride Home
While the Sun Shines
Down with You
You've Been Around for Awhile
Down Here on the Ground
Other Ways (Slight return)

Holiday Jones
It's a Holiday
Comes the Holiday
Christmas in Bed
Sleighbells in My Head
Black  Piet
(The Reason) I'm not Santa Claus
Learning to Hang (at the Xmas Ball)

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CDs are also available at Greg's live shows.

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