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Thanks to the following photographers for contributing to the gallery:                       Robert Corwin       Susan McAvoy       Uli Seyffarth       Bryna Gootkind       Jacqueline Marque       Wendy Farley       Cinda Lawrence       PM Kinney       Tom Stokowski       and Colin Taber.    Thank you very much !                                                                                                                               Do you have a picture to add to this page? Send an email to:                                                                                                                                                                                                

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The Promo Photos page contains many of the images you see here
 in an uncompressed format for promotional reproduction.

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September 6, 2009 025.jpg (786227 bytes)
2009 Guilford Fair
Guilford, Vt


October 1, 2009 126.jpg (2266107 bytes)
with Eric Lee at
 Easthampton, MA

October 1, 2009 151.jpg (2464686 bytes)

August 20, 2009 024.jpg (2902371 bytes)

"Playing in the Valley" 

August 20, 2009 022.jpg (2036056 bytes)
long shot

June 10, 2007 056.jpg (632236 bytes)

Smith College

July 12, 2008 111.jpg (839377 bytes)

2008 Ripple Music Festival
Brooklyn, NY


RCorwin Falcon Ridge2002.jpg (106954 bytes)

Falconridge Folk Festival 
Emerging Artist Showcase

Robert Corwin photo

Talent Search 3.jpg (27550 bytes)
Newport Folk Festival 
Border Stage

Broward3.jpg (49751 bytes)
Broward Center For the Arts
Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Jeannine Haas photo

NewportSmile.jpg (1501504 bytes)
20 feet tall on the Jumbotron Screen
large format
Bryna Gootkind photo

Fort Adams,RI.jpg (41227 bytes)

waiting in the wings
at Newport

Newportwidestage.jpg (1449960 bytes)
Newport Main Stage
large format
Bryna Gootkind photo

Newport Mainstage Reverse Angle.jpg (29425 bytes)

Newport Folk Festival 
Main Stage 
reverse angle

NewportMainStage.jpg (147578 bytes)

Newport Folk Festival
Newport, Rhode Island

Jacqueline Marque photo

Falcon Ridge

FR2004Group.jpg (50361 bytes)
with a little help
from my friends


FalconRidgeMain.jpg (69645 bytes)

Paul Mischler photo
50%zoomCopy star1.jpg (31521 bytes)

Summit House. Hadley, Mass.

violets.jpg (251622 bytes) The Ride 2005.jpg (1807264 bytes)
FR2004Greg.jpg (47288 bytes)

redheadshot.jpg (32653 bytes)
Junction Bar, Berlin

widescreentable.jpg (265864 bytes)
* very large format
violets 2004.jpg (292497 bytes) Summit house shades.jpg (1473555 bytes)
january 20 2006 057 crop.jpg (1020649 bytes)
Minstrel Coffeehouse 
Colin Taber photo
BorderStageCenter.jpg (1377308 bytes)
* large format

Newport Talent Search sound check.jpg (21224 bytes)

Border Stage

NewportPhotobyJacquelineMarque.jpg (52496 bytes)
Apple & Eve
Newport Folk Festival
Talent Search Finals
Newport, R.I.

Jacqueline Marque photo

NewportInterview.jpg (1571092 bytes)
mainstagefalconridge2002.jpg (757907 bytes)

Falconridge Mainstage
Miss Saigon May 077.jpg (3164000 bytes)
Backstage at Miss Saigon
"April !@#$%^ Moon ! "
Tony Rodriguez photo

June 10, 2007 057.jpg (1346073 bytes)
Sue McAvoy photo

headshot.jpg (172571 bytes)

Solarfest2001mainstage.jpg (52114 bytes)

Main Stage

soulrepairs.jpg (251697 bytes)

Soul Repairs

Chrysalis Theater Company

FullFront.jpg.JPG (474055 bytes)

PM Kinney Photo

January 20 2006 039.jpg (1228887 bytes)
*large format

Tachelesfirstact.jpg (128592 bytes)

Tacheles, Berlin

greg in fog.jpg (65386 bytes)
Summit House
Hadley, MA

Wendy Farley photo

13AMERAC.jpg (27131 bytes)

The Great Society by Alfred Leslie
That's Greg on the right
 This painting is hanging in the LBJ library in Texas
50%gregina'dam.jpg (117034 bytes)


checkpoint.jpg (130167 bytes)

Checkpoint, Berlin

Gibson Guitar.jpg (58536 bytes)

Gibson Guitar Booth

Gibsoncloseup.jpg (1581373 bytes)


aud_react.jpg (26904 bytes)

Drum improvisation for the 
Enchanted Circle Theater

After a while everything looks just like this . . .
actiongreg.jpg (43140 bytes)

The Last Waterhole,

berlin2001.jpg (136538 bytes)

Schokoladen, Berlin

Greg aligator.jpg (66020 bytes)

broward2.jpg (35635 bytes)