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Greg Alexander - "Sky it Shall Be"
Exquisite Soulful Acoustic Folk-Rock

I just heard this guy for the first time and I am very glad I did. He sings with a bluesy tinge but in an upbeat optimistic manner. I do hear his stated influences of Clapton, Sexton and the Band in at least one or more songs, but there is also a hint of Dave Matthews as well. It's an original sound. His songs are never too heavy or dark in subject matter but are far from simplistic. He has some neat jazzy twists and consistently excellent accompaniment from local New England musicians. Bottom line-- His music makes me feel good... and it will you as well. That's reason enough to make a purchase. (My personal song favorites were Glad, Leaving Time and Listening To London)

  -Rob Lincoln,


                                                                         GREG ALEXANDER 
                                                       Sky It Shall Be  -  11 songs

Greg Alexander sings and strums straight folk music with few of the extravagant look-at-me frills so beloved of tyros and showboaters. His
songs are deepened in their texture by a significant bluesy underpinning. But he's from a more modern wave of the folk/blues
tradition; think less of Bukka White and more of the 70s-era singer-songwriters like James Taylor, with a slightly melancholic but
uplifting emotional component. Perhaps the most memorable song on this collection is the delightfully uptempo "I'm Still Writing This," which reminds me a great deal of British folk of the Fairport Convention school. However, many of the songs are performed at midtempo, but with nuanced and brightly colored instrumentals, heard to best effect on "I'll Rock the Boat" and the soulful and appropriately titled
"Lullaby". A name to watch. 


Francis DiMenno
The Noise - Rock Around Boston



Traditional folk catches festival judges' ears

"You get back to the originality and that's an artist's greatest gift," said judge Rita Houston, the music director for WFUV-FM. "That single thing that sets you apart."

Greg Alexander made all five judges think of pure folk music. They appreciated that he added his own bluesy twist and Houston said that he wrote a song that hadn't been written before.

"I got chills a couple of times during the song," said producer Leo Sacks. "He really embodies the folk tradition."

Providence Journal - Providence, Rhode Island 


                          'New guy' gets his chance at festival

Alexander's sound - that of a solo acoustic guitarist with a tinge of blues - Greg adds his own unique flair. With a keen ear for the catch-all phrases that capture an aspect of the human experience, Alexander challenges his audience to think past face value, consider "other ways" and ponder "what's in a name."

Newport Daily News -Newport, Rhode Island 



Greg Alexander; Hätten Tracy Chapman und James Taylor je eine musikalische und /  
oder private Beziehung gehabt, dann müsste das Ergebnis ihres Miteinanders heute in 
etwa so klingen,wie es Greg Alexander auch ohne derlei verwandtschaftliche Verhältnisse tut.  
Der Sänger, Songwriter und Schauspieler aus New York City fusioniert die lyrische Direktheit 
des Folk mit der gefühligen Seelentiefe des Soul und berührt damit Herz und Hirn.

Translation:   (Joy Voeth)   

Had Tracy Chapman and James Taylor ever had a musical and/or private relationship the 
result of their togetherness would have sounded today like Greg Alexander. 
Without being a result of their union, he accomplishes this of his own accord.

The singer songwriter out of New York City fuses the lyrical directness of folk 
with the deep feeling of soul music, thereby stirring both the heart and mind.


The Zitty  - Berlin, Germany 



Seine Kritiker sagen, das Ouvre des Sängers und Sonwriters GREG ALEXANDER sei eine perfekte Symbiose 
aus dem Soul von James Taylor und dem Folk einer Tracy Chapman. Wir sagen, der Mann ist zudem 
Schauspieler, Multi-Instrumentalist und stets bescheiden.  Ein Abend für das Gute im Menschen.

Translation: (Andrea Hairston)

His critics say, the work of singer - songwriter Greg Alexander is a perfect symbiosis of the soul of 
James Taylor and the folk sensibility of Tracy Chapman.  We say the man in addition to being an actor,
is a  multi-Instrumentalist and always modest. 
His live performance is an evening for the good in people (humanity).

The Tip - Berlin, Germany 



His voice competes with the fervor of his guitar playing, and the pain of his melancholy lyrics 
is reflected in his face as he reaches deep inside and pulls out part of his soul, but then he smiles,
adding just enough humor to keep his audience from despairing.  
Greg Alexander was born to perform.


Hampshire GazetteNet - Northampton, Mass 



New York by way of western Massachusetts singer/songwriter Greg Alexander sports a powerful 
and dynamic voice, and his songs are propelled by interesting chord changes skillfully coaxed 
from acoustic guitar.  

Besides, local audiences might know him from his time touring with Northampton's 
Chrysalis Theatre Company 
and Holyoke's Enchanted Circle Theatre Company.

The Valley Advocate -  Northampton, Mass  



An upbeat singer-songwriter with a major voice.

The Valley Advocate - Northampton, Mass 




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